Our Vision

SCF envisions for a socially and economically empowered society with no discrimination on caste, gender and race with equitable access to social justice and resources


Creating social consciousness among the various marginalized and  vulnerable population  women, youth, PWDs, minorities living rural and informal urban settings in Sindh and provision of the equatibale  access to resources and opportunities for socio-economic development ,  improved health and  education status so that they can exercising their rights to combat poverty and all forms of injustices.


  • To ensure that all children have access to quality education and no children regardless of gender, colors, races and geographic distribution is left behind and have to drop out or discontinue their education for any reason
  • To create and provide equal opportunities to women and girls in socio-economic activities so that they have their say in their decision making and participate in any kind of development processes
  • To   engage communities and relevant stakeholders to protect women and girls against gender based violence and child marriage in specific 
  • To strengthen the capacities of local partners, community  groups, CSOs and various stakeholders  including government officials  on quick roll out or implementation of SDGs with pro-poor and marginalized policies and programs  
  • To offer productive and creative spaces for young people to groom their leadership, civic engagement capacity and knowledgebase to make them more constructive citizens 
  • To build the climate resilient communities and strengthening actions for environmental governance
  • To promote peaceful and positive community values


  • Human dignity
  • Self-reliance
  • Participation
  • Equality & Equity
  • Transparency