Need Donations

SCF need your support for its Wheel for Education Program to provide transportation support to the needy girls students enrolled in secondary schools who cannot afford thus cannot continue their secondary schooling. 

SCF is providing transportation support to 50 needy girls. SCF needs your support to sponsor girls belong to poor families to continue their education. More girls need this support.

Rs 2000 (10.56 US) can provide transportation to a girl per month

Rs 20000 (105.61USD) can provide can provide transportation to a girl  for 10 months to continue education  to cross one grade  ahead

Rs 60000(316.84) can provide a girl for 30 months transportation cost  to complete elementary grades  till8th  grade

Rs 100000 (528.06USD) can provide a girl for 50 months transportation cost to complete matriculation 

Literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3% with male literacy rate 72% and female literacy rate 51.8%. Female literacy rate is lower in compare to male literacy rate as in many parts of rural areas of the country girl’s education is not a priority due to various cultural beliefs, lack of awareness on importance of girls education, poor school environment, poor quality of education infrastructures, unaffordability or poor economic conditions and the distance or inaccessibility of the schools. Despite consecutive raises in annual education budget, school girls’ enrolment has declined while dropout ratio has risen in all provinces.  An Economic Survey of Pakistan 2019 report revealed that literacy rate of females and males in Sindh has decreased from 63.0% to 62.2%, triggering a new challenge for the Sindh’s education department. The enrolment ratio of girls in school in Sindh has declined to 39% as compared to 61% of boys. An investigative report shows that on average, the overall dropout rate in primary classes in Sindh is 23%.  Hence, access is one of the major factors for low enrolment and high drop out of girls. The gender gap is very high in secondary education in Sindh province because of various contributing factors major being water and sanitation facilities in secondary schools and unaffordability of transportation expenses to access the distanced secondary schools which are generally 3 to 5 kms away from village. Hence, many girls discontinue their education after primary class and become bride before reaching to their puberty stage.

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Title of account: Sindh Community Foundation
Bank Name: JS Bank Limited-JSBL
Branch: WadhuWah Road Qasimabad
Account Number: 419698
Branch Code: 9592
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