Current Projects

Literacy for rights protection of women cotton workers

CF with the support of Feed The Minds UK has initiated one year project Literacy for rights protection of women cotton workers in Matiari. Project is aimed to provide literacy program, for 350 women cotton workers of 10 villages. Literacy centers set up for women cotton pickers

Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) has set up seven literacy centers for women cotton pickers in Matiari district of Sindh to improve basic literacy among the rural women. The initiative has been named “Suhaee” which literary means “light”. These literacy Centres have been established in the villages of Meho Machhi, Jamal Dahri, Khanoth, Tarah, Karam Khan Nizamani and Haji Alam Khasekheli and Yahmeen Ahpan, while the five more such centres are in the pipeline. A total of 221 women cotton workers from 7 Suhaee centres have started the basic literacy classes. The six-month literacy package will enhance their literacy level and social consciousness to apply in daily lives. SCF has engaged local female literacy facilitators to run literacy classes. Each centre will enroll about 30 women. There are about 350 women cottonpickers who really want to learn how to read and write/ SCF designed a sixmonth basic literacy course, which has also been approved by the Sindh government. SCF started working for the rights of women cotton-pickers some six years ago and its work was also recently acknowledged by the Gender Just Solution at COP27 climate summit in Egypt. According to estimates, more than half a million women are employed as cotton-pickers for 4-5 months every year in Sindh alone, During working for these cotton workers, the SCF found out that majority [about 90 percent] of them were either unlettered or had very basic schooling as they belonged to poor families. Most of the time they fail to keep count of their daily wages and end up receiving less than their due remunerations. They can’t even sign in record books kept by their employers. With this project, they would not only learn how to read and write but would also get awareness about their rights and how to negotiate with their employers for fairer wages. This initiative will improve the lives and working conditions of these cotton picker women and increase their confidence. SCF hired 10 female literacy facilitators to run literacy classes in targeted communities. SCF conducted 7 days’ workshop on information education methodology. SCF had hired a trainer for this a bit later than the planned time frame due to devastating flood in the area.

Youth & Environmental  sustainability and Climate justice  

SCF is  collaboration with Astra Zeneca UK is implementing project Youth Actions for Improving Human& Environmental Health and Waste management

Youth Capacity Building for Environmental  sustainability

SCF is also implementing program on environmental sustainability for mental health through waste management approaches in Hyderabad city. SCF has trained a pool of the 30 young community members from different locations of the Hyderabad city and engaged them in the awareness campaign drive for effective waste management behavioral change. SCF formed youth action network for environment and climate change to encourage youth participation in these issues . The network is increased its outreach and membership in the city and out of city.

Grow Green Pakistan – Alternate energy and tree plantation in Urban Context in Hyderabad

The project is supported by Indus Consortium aimed to create understanding and awareness among the people in Hyderabad on alternate energy resources and practices and launch tree plantation campaign in urban perspective. The project has increased youth engagement in promoting message on alternate energy and climate change in urban perspective and led tree plantation campaigns in different localities of Hyderabad city.

SCF wins climate Justice  award at COP27 Egypt

SCF is winner of the Gender Just Climate Solution Award’ during the Climate Conference COP27 in Egypt. This was awarded by Women Engage for Common Future and United Nations Climate Nations Climate Technology Centre & Network UNCTCN and Women and Gender Constituency   for the work on advancing labour rights of women cotton workers in rising   temperature and climate change impacts in SIndh.

SCF  is implementing climate justice of women cotton workers to develop their adaptation skills

Wheel for Education

SCF is running Wheel for Education- Providing Transportation Support to needy girls enrolled in secondary girls to continue their secondary education. SCF is being providing transportation support to 50 needy girls. SCF needs your support to sponsor girls belong to poor families to continue their education

Fempower Project with support of Shirkartgah in 2 villages of the District Hyderabad

The project is aimed to develop leadership and engagement of women in social accountability for their rights and issues.

Disaster Risk Management of Moen jo Daro –the world heritage site

Target geographic locationHeritage site and 3 villages    
Funding Source/ DonorInternational Centre for || the Study of the Preservation and || Restoration of Cultural Property-ICRROM 
Targets To develop Disaster risk Reduction Plan for Moen Jo Daro the World Heritage site  and build DRR capacities of communities to safeguard the heritage site against disasters

Social Mobilization to achieve ODF-Open Defecation Free Villages –Community Led Total Sanitation-CLTS in District Matiari

Target geographic location600 villages of District Matairi 
Funding Source/ DonorLocal Government Department –AAP Government of Sindh
TargetsCampaigning and social mobilization  for Improved Hygiene Behaviour in 600 villages of District Matiari  for Open Defecation Free Villages

Promoting girls education in Covid19

Target geographic locationHyderabad
Funding Source/ DonorGlobal Youth Mobilization
Major AchievementsTo provide E-tution support and tool and educational material to 50 needy girls to improve their learning score using online tools.

Provide financial support to 8 widow women and needy people   living in hardship for establishment of micro-enterprise to earn   good income

Target geographic locationMatiari District
TargetsThe project is aimed to provide  Provide Financial support to 4 widow women  living in hardship for establishment of micro-enterprise to earn   good income

Agro-based Skills Training for Young people in Tando Muhammad Khan-Matiari, Jamhshoro and Hyderabad  districts

Target geographic locationTando Muhammad Khan-Matiari, Jamhshoro and Hyderabad  districts
Funding Source/ DonorYouth Affairs Department  Government of Sindh
TargetsThe training program was aimed to train 50 Young People of District Tando Muhammad Khan One Month Training Solar PV Installation on tubewell & Performance Measurement. 50 youth from district Tando Muhammad Khan in rural areas are trained on Solar PV Installation on tubewell & Performance Measurement and have increased income generation and self employment   opportunities to earn 20000 t0 25000 Rs per month. Technical human resource  is available for local /private  agriculture farm houses employers/growers in rural areas  as well for overseas employment  in agriculture sector

Safe Water Project

Target geographic locationMatiari District
TargetsThe project is aimed to provide 100 hand pumps to the 50 needy families and create awareness among the 700 communities on health and hygiene and trained communities on operational and maintenance of hand pumps  in Matairi district     

Implementation of SDG 13 on Climate Action in National Plans of Action and other climate change policies

Target geographic locationMatiari District
Duration25  Months ( Oct 2019 to J Dec 2021)
Funding Source/ DonorAsia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Thailand
Major AchievementsThe project is aimed to conduct action  and participatory research on impact of rising temperature on the rural women agriculture  workers and created sensitization among stakeholders  for the adaptation measures.